Journal of Education Technology and Innovation

About the Journal

Journal of Educational Technology and Innovation is a quarterly journal devoted to facilitate the dissemination of critical scholarly works and exchange of information from a variety of cultural perspectives for researchers, professionals and practitioners in the technology enhanced and digital learning fields in higher education; contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge regarding the human and personal approach to the use of technology in higher education; and inform readers about the latest developments in the application of digital technologies in higher education learning, training, research and management.

The scope of the journal is broad in terms of the range of issues and trends to be addressed, for example, innovations or best practices in online teaching, learning, management, and administration. Other issues may include: Internet technology design and use; instructional models in online courses; online course development and instructional design; interaction in online courses; collaborative learning; usability and evaluation of online environments and portals; online communities of practice; institutional policies, standards and assessment; accessibility standards in online instruction; internationalization and cultural aspects of online classrooms; and issues and trends in synchronous, asynchronous, and hybrid online learning. As well as regional studies, education management, politics and law, philosophy and history, literature and art, ideology and politics, curriculum reform, teaching and learning theory, and educational practice etc.

Review and survey articles that show scholarly depth, breadth and richness are particularly welcome.

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Vol. 6 No. 2 (2024): Journal of Educational Technology and Innovation (JETI)
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