Study on the Influence of AI Composition Software on Students' Creative Ability in Music Education


  • Shuang Zhang School of Music, Wenzhou University, China
  • Xiaofeng Lu Business School of Wenzhou University, China
  • Xinwen Liu School of Fine Arts and Design, Wenzhou University, China



Music Education, AI Composition, Composition Ability Assessment


Generative AI technology for human-assisted tools has made great strides in recent years, and studying the impact of this technology on students' compositional abilities plays an important role in promoting changes in music education. Previous studies have focused on the performance of music composition software itself in terms of composition, with less consideration given to the impact of creators' compositional ability after using assistive composition tools. Thus, this paper designs a controlled experiment to investigate the changes in students' compositional ability before and after using AI composition tools. This paper finds that students' compositional abilities in all areas of composition improved to varying degrees after using AI composition tools. This paper compares the differences in compositional abilities of students with and without the education of AI composition tools, which has practical implications for vigorously promoting the adoption of AI composition tools in university music education teaching.