Interface Design and Functional Optimization of Chinese Learning Apps Based on User Experience


  • Qihui Hong School of International Education, Wenzhou University, China
  • Jialing Hu School of International Education, Wenzhou University, China
  • Nianxiu Fang School of International Education, Wenzhou University, China



Chinese Learning Apps, User Experience, Interface Design, Functional Optimization


This research paper investigates the interface design and functional optimization of Chinese learning apps through the lens of user experience. With the increasing popularity of Chinese language learning apps in the era of rapid mobile internet development, users' demands for enhanced interface design and interaction experience have grown significantly. The study aims to explore the influence of user feedback on the design and functionality of Chinese learning apps, proposing optimization strategies to improve user experience and learning outcomes. By conducting a comprehensive literature review, utilizing methods such as surveys and user interviews for data collection, and analyzing user feedback, this research identifies existing issues in the interface design and interaction experience of Chinese learning apps. The results present user opinions, feedback analysis, identified problems, improvement directions, and specific optimization strategies. The study discusses the potential impact of these optimization strategies on enhancing user experience and learning outcomes, compares findings with previous research, addresses limitations, and suggests future research directions. In conclusion, this research contributes to enriching the design theory of Chinese learning apps, offering practical optimization recommendations for developers, and supporting the continuous advancement of Chinese language learning apps.