Teaching Design of the Junior High School English Reading for Deep Learning


  • Yijia Ying School of Foreign Studies, Wenzhou University, China
  • Yujie Su School of Foreign Studies, Wenzhou University, China




junior high school English reading instruction, Deep learning, English core literacy


English reading holds a pivotal position in junior high school English teaching, constituting an integral component of the entire educational process. Nowadays, it is imperative for English teachers to transcend the conventional, superficial reading instruction models and adopt a deep learning framework to fashion a profound reading classroom for students. This approach allows students to engage in inductive integration, application evaluation, and internalization and transfer, enabling them to delve into seemingly intricate and challenging texts, exploring them from multiple dimensions, including content, structure, and cultural implications. Ultimately, this fosters the development of students' comprehensive reading abilities and English core literacy. This paper, drawing from the perspective of deep learning and incorporating specific case studies, aims to devise a junior high school English reading instruction design that is both academically rigorous and emotionally engaging, with a focus on enhancing students' English core literacy and overall reading proficiency.