Improving innovation and entrepreneurship education in higher institutions: the impact of “Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation” education on undergraduates’ entrepreneurial intentions


  • ShaoYing Lu Graduate School, Stamford International University, Thailand
  • Sun Ye Centre for Portuguese Studies, Macau Polytechnic University, Macao
  • XiaoShu Xu Graduate School, Stamford International University, Thailand



Private universities, Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation, MEI education, entrepreneurial intention


The exploration of the way "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" (MEI) education influences students' aspirations to become entrepreneurs has grown into an important area of analysis in studies related to higher education. This research intends to examine the consequences of MEI education on students' tendency towards entrepreneurship, and to put forward methods for augmenting the teaching of innovation and entrepreneurship in private higher educational establishments.To achieve this objective, questionnaires and semi-structured interviews were employed in the study, which involved a total of 197 students and five education experts. The statistical analysis of the questionnaire data revealed that MEI education was positively related to students' entrepreneurial intentions, and that both entrepreneurial experience and family entrepreneurial background played moderating roles in this relationship. The interview findings indicated that private universities could enhance educational reforms by designing talent training programs, developing diversified curricula, and developing more professional entrepreneurial platforms to encourage students' entrepreneurial intentions. This study offers fresh insights for improving and perfecting the mechanism of innovation and entrepreneurship education in private universities.