Exploring the Dual Subjectivity of Kindergarten's Self-made Play and Teaching Aids Activities: Based on the Perspective of Children's Play Development in China


  • Yuwei Zhao College of Education, Wenzhou University, China




Self-made playthings, Double subjectivity, Kindergarten, China


The joint development of teachers and young children is the basis for promoting the development of high-quality preschool education in the new era, and encouraging early childhood teachers to make playthings according to local conditions is both the fine tradition of China's early childhood education and the direct orientation of China's preschool education policy. Homemade play and teaching aids are some of the methods often used in kindergartens, which skillfully combine young children's daily life objects with toys and early childhood teaching, not only enriching the collective activities of young children but also cultivating children's abilities in various aspects. Kindergarten homemade "play and teaching aids" for early childhood teachers and children have their special educational significance and value, therefore, this paper is based on the children and teachers double subject basis, discussing the homemade "play and teaching aids" for children and teachers of the double subject meanings, and puts forward the realization of the This paper discusses the double-subjective meaning of homemade teaching aids for children and teachers on the basis of the double-subjective foundation of children and teachers, and puts forward specific suggestions for realizing the double-subjectivity of kindergarten homemade teaching aids to enrich the theoretical value and practical significance of homemade teaching aids, to provide theoretical references and support for the relevant staff.